Dragon Inking

General / 29 December 2018

Pigeon girl

General / 10 June 2018

Little Sketch for an anthropomorph pigeon character in an urban setting

More Cable sketches

General / 26 May 2018

More Cable sketches :D
I really like this smug grin. Also a Wade falling through…don’t mind him.

Sketching Movie Cable

General / 25 May 2018

Me trying to draw movie Cable :,)
First sketch is in the bottom left corner, last one is in the middle. Oh well…getting there i guess?

Sams summer vacation

General / 06 May 2018

Sam visiting a new city alone in his summer vacation. Just walking around after checking into the hotel to see what’s close by… (Sketching my own characters more often to get back into things.Used a Photo as a Reference for pose and clothing.)

Pennywise and Laughing Jack

General / 17 April 2018

Little Sketch just for fun, I have a thing for murder clowns :)

Silly Scene

General / 22 February 2018

Sam talking to a friend who can’t stop talking about the thing XD

Red Demon

General / 14 January 2018

Reading Hellboy, watching Devilman and having “the red demon” visit, made me sketch this thing. *flops ded*

Gryphon Sketch

General / 02 January 2018

Gryphon Sketch